This source replaces the standard printf() and sprintf() functions in the compiler C library with low resource version with a limited set of features and output types.

Features of miniprintf include:
 • %c character
 • %d,%i signed integer (- sign added if needed)
 • %s character string
 • %u unsigned integer as decimal
 • %x or %X unsigned integer as hexadecimal (uppercase)
 • %% to write %
 • Padding with 0 or space, up to 9 digits
 • #define to allow for additional padding characters ._?
 • #define to allow %f floating point representation up to 2 decimals

Normal printf()/sprintf() implementations on ARM have been measure at ~25K of flash space, using miniprintf can restore ~22K of flas...

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RAM usage:0 bytes, uses only stack
Avg Flash:1584 bytes (1904 bytes with float) (-O0)
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